Washable panty liners

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Happygolucky009 Sat 10-Nov-18 10:20:42

Anyone use these? If so which ones? How many do you own and how do you wash them?

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posthistoricmonsters Fri 28-Dec-18 14:05:36

Cloth sanitary protection? Yes!
I haven't counted. It's a personal preference anyway, and you buy different absorbency pads.
Rinse under a tap initially and chuck in with other laundry.

MnerXX Fri 28-Dec-18 14:10:43

I bought a couple but they move about. Not sure if I am doing something wrong...?

TimeIhadaNameChange Sat 26-Jan-19 10:15:09

I started with 8, on the basis my periods last five days but I've got a couple spare for accidents and just-in-case days (before I come on) and I only do a wash once a week, so I was covered. Bought a few extra, of differeent types, so have about 15 now. Can't remember wheree I got most from but some were from Cheeky Wipes.

If they're badly soiled I rinse them out in the sink but otherwise they just go into the wash with the clothes.

WhataLovelyPear Sat 16-Feb-19 15:54:09

I bought one on Etsy. I really like it as it's very comfortable and only once have I had it move around. I meant to buy some more but it was quite expensive and I'm wondering how many period years I have left!

bellinisurge Sat 16-Feb-19 15:57:53

Menopausal. They are great.
Dd hasn't started her periods yet but is up for considering cloth. Obviously her choice.

zucchinieggplant Sat 16-Feb-19 16:04:03

I've tried the imse vimse liners which are ok, though bulky and I worry about how warm they might be in the summer. I bought them ages ago and hated them the first time I used them, but been trying them again this week and finding they aren't as bad as I had initially thought. They have a sort of fleecy back so they don't move about, though might not stand up to a 10k run!
I keep meaning to try a cup and will get around to buying one, eventually...


OhHolyJesus Sat 16-Feb-19 18:16:22

I have a tulip cup, Cheeky wipes pads and have just got their period pants delivered this week.

The cup is ok but I don't think the easiest to get along with! The pads are fine, wash well if on low setting and the pants I've yet to try.

I'm happy to put up with a little inconvenience for the sake of having no plastic periods and overall it's been an easy switch to make.

WhatNow40 Sat 16-Feb-19 20:40:38

I use washable pads, I got a pack of 8 from Amazon. I use a moon cup so these are just for leaks and very light days. That gets me through each cycle. I put them in a net washing bag and throw them in the wash together.

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