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Weekend dilemma

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Verity18 Sun 28-Jan-18 13:35:49

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere- have just joined and thought I'd posted, but can't find it now. A friend I have known online for a couple of years, but never met, messaged me 2 weeks ago as she was going away this weekend with her bf and 2 other friends, but had now split with her bf and asked if I would like to go instead. The weekend had been booked and paid for months ago on her credit card. It was an event I would have liked to attend so I agreed and foolishly as it turns out forwarded her £150 immediately rather than pay on the weekend. Over the following 5 days I became unwell, resulting in referral to hospital and being signed off work sick. This is highly unusual for me - haven't been sick in years but I am really unwell. On telling my friend she initially said she would have to reimburse me, but this soon changed to her saying she couldn't re-sell the ticket and has used my money to pay off her credit card. I suggested the 3 still going could contribute an extra £50 each, as would have been the case had I not already given her my £150 in good faith, but her stance is 'tough - you changed your mind' and ended in her sending a 2 minute voicemail rant saying she has done nothing morally wrong. If I had simply changed my mind I would feel different but as I am genuinely really unwell AIBU in feeling I have been taken advantage of? If the situation was reversed I know I would feel compelled to reimburse her. I know legally I don't have a case but morally? Really? I would appreciate your thoughts.

ScreamingValenta Sun 28-Jan-18 13:43:12

It's an unfortunate situation, but I don't think your friend is morally obliged to reimburse you. If you had originally declined the ticket, she might have been able to sell it to someone else (having plenty of notice) - or the others would have had a chance to budget for the extra £50 to cover it. Had you bought the ticket yourself, you wouldn't have got a refund for illness. It's rough luck on you, but I don't think your friend is wrong. I hope you feel better soon!

Verity18 Sun 28-Jan-18 13:47:28

Thanks screaming Valenta. There were loads of other tickets going spare and it was only over a period of 5 days that I booked but became ill so there wouldn't have been the opportunity of her re-selling, or them having time to budget, but I appreciate your reply.

ElderflowerWaterIsDelish Thu 08-Feb-18 01:53:58

Let this be a lesson, never send money to someone online you don't know in person, you may have known her online for two years, but you had never met her,

It's not nice that they aren't willing to even give you a partial refund as a Goodwill gesture...ask her to send your ticket to you and say you will sell them yourself online and get your own refund back

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