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paying for repairs to a functional chimney because neighbour wants a log burner

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shelbie1313 Thu 20-Oct-16 13:01:48

OK. So we rent out the house my husband had before we got married. Yesterday we got a letter from the neighbour via the estate agent that manage it for us. It said she wanted to have a log burner and chimney needs upgrading. We don't have any fires in our property so don't require a chimney, it's not causing a leak or in a state where it's likely to fall over. The quote said £1500 plus scaffolding of unknown cost and states the neighbours are splitting 50:50.
Being this is the first we've heard of it and it's functional for our needs at the moment do you think it's fair for us to pay half because she now wants a log burner?

FeelingSmurfy Thu 20-Oct-16 13:11:19

I don't know where you stand legally, but there is no way I would be paying unless I legally had to!

I am all for being neighbourly but this is taking the piss! I would reply playing dumb, saying you appreciate the offer but you don't actually have any fireplaces in the home so have no need for the chimney. You have no objections and if they decide to go ahead with it to let you know when/if they need access via your garden. Ignore the request for money and treat it as just letting you know.

aginghippy Thu 20-Oct-16 13:11:37

I wouldn't pay. You have not agreed to have any work done, never mind agreeing to pay for half of it. It's a complete liberty on the neighbour's part.

I might have agreed to allow the work, if they had asked first. I would expect them to pay for everything themselves, the work is being done for their benefit. I would also expect them to sign an undertaking saying that if your property is damaged in any way by the works, they will pay for all repairs.

insancerre Thu 20-Oct-16 13:13:59

I wouldn't pay it
You don't need a log burner so why should you pay
I doubt very much that there is any legal implication on you to pay, unless it's in the deeds somewhere
If the neighbour wants a log burner then they should pay

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 20-Oct-16 13:14:05

I wouldn't pay it. Nor would I allow them to make and pay for changes like that to a property they don't even own.

Trethew Fri 16-Dec-16 14:19:49

I'm quite sure they are just trying it on.

They must realise they can't force you to pay for unnecessary work. Just wondering though if the Party Wall Act will apply to a shared chimney?

What about posting this in legal or property pages? It's more of a practical problem than ethical dilemma

PineappleExpress Fri 16-Dec-16 20:53:28

If there is nothing structurally wrong and you don't use the chimney, I wouldn't pay.
I can't imagine there being any legal reason why you would have to contribute. She doesn't have to have a log burner, so if she wants it, she can pay for it

WhyHasAllTheRumGone Sat 14-Jan-17 11:23:52

We had almost the same with our neighbour, although we used the chimney to vent the gas fire. We agreed to pay to have our for disconnected so the work could be done but she paid for the work. We didn't bother having our due reconnected afterwards and just did away with the fireplace.
Assuming the chimney is not dangerous, no way should you be paying for your neighbours choices.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 14-Jan-17 11:32:41

No thankyou

what a flimmin'flammin' cheek....she wants you to go halfsies on her chimney upgrade?

I'd say if she wants anything doing then she must pay the lot, AND apologise to your tenants for the inconvenience. This is not something you want or need, so she can gtf.

caroldecker Sat 14-Jan-17 11:34:38

The party wall act almost certainly applies - google this. They should pay and you need to ensure no damage to your side.

rwalker Fri 19-May-17 21:18:25

if she is having log burner probably having steel flue liner fitted (same idea as tumble dryer vent hose ) she will have to have this as safer think she might need it for building regs at best all you are going to benefit from is brickwork repointed and flashing tidied up. scaffold at a guess about £200/300

WineAndTiramisu Wed 26-Jul-17 18:08:38

This is from October last year, I would hope it's sorted by now rwalker!

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