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Job consistency :s

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user1476735930 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:32:34

I am currently a nanny and working in the US: I'm about to start a dream job back in the UK - which originally was discussed as a long-term role - and am really really excited for it. However: the only hang up is that I have an American boyfriend.
Said American boyfriend is currently deployed for a year and what will happen between us during that time is certainly a situation that I am optimistic and yet realistic about.
My question is: IF my boyfriend were to come back and we were to have made it through the deployment, would 12-18 months be too short of a time span to have been with my new job? (bearing in mind my previous jobs have been 1 year - 18 months). AND should I be transparent with my employers about the situation - if so how transparent?

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