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set up a hiddden camera to catch the theif, its now got complicated.

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GlitteringGrass Sun 23-Aug-15 03:29:55

Recently sums of money have been disappearing from our household and as we maintain a fairly large staff-many of whom we consider friends- it was more than a little disappointing. Its bad enough to have a theif in your midst, its worse when you cannot be sure who they are.
With a heavy heart my husband and I determined to resolve this by surreptitiously placing a discrete surveillance device overlooking the area where the theft was almost routinely occurring. If I'm honest, by this time I thought I had a fairly good idea of who the culprit was. We had recently employed a new nanny, and while she seemed the epitome of respectability and decency, she seemed the most likely candidate by simple virtue of her being the newest addition to our household.
After inspecting the bait and determining that a little fish had been nibbling on it, we inspected the footage thinking that it would be an open and shut case. There turned out to be two people who expressed an interest in the money. The first was my teenage niece, who often is around our property as we live not too far from my sister. As you would expect, this was a nasty surprise. The second person who interacted with the money was indeed the new nanny. However the footage clearly showed her depositing money as opposed to withdrawing money.
We resolved the issue with my niece as quickly as possible ( I shan't go into that here), then decided to leave the camera in place to build up an accurate picture of the nanny's movements. It seems that while she does often make illicit withdrawals from the stash of cash she always repays what she take's within a day or two. It was only the predations of my niece that made us notice any deficit at all. I really don't know what to do. She's a good nanny but I can't quite work out if she is crossing a line of trust. I am adamantly not going to involve the police. But would it be unwise to continue allowing her to work for me?

differentnameforthis Sun 23-Aug-15 04:56:01

Hmmm, so the difference I guess, is that while your niece stole it, your nanny 'borrowed' it.

The problem though with the nanny, is that she didn't ask first, so she still stole it too.

Of course she crossed the line of trust. If she needed an advance, she should have asked for it. Not helped herself.

Only you can decide if you keep employing her though. Of course, if you do, you have to tell her what you know, and put the money in a safer place.

Penfold007 Sun 23-Aug-15 05:35:44

Do your employees know you are recording them using hidden cameras? Your on very dodgy ground legally. Then factor in the 'bait to be nibbled'
Deal with the thieving family member, stop leaving cash lying around and tell your,employees you are,using recording equipment.

Hippychickster Tue 20-Oct-15 19:47:15

I agree word for word with differentnameforthis

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