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cut out of mums will

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maxine57 Tue 13-Jan-15 18:30:02

My sister and I have been cut out of our mothers will and we dont know why. She had a fall out with my other sister for 25 years and when my brother died suddenly she walked back into the house and was welcomed with open arms.It was like the return of the prodigal son,and mother and daughter were best friends again. My sister and I were the ones who run after my mum and took her on outings,but things were very tense after the return of this sister,we were told to drop her off at the house but not to come in or meet her in town,so we cut our visits and then heard from a relative she had banned us from the house and we wern't to set foot over the door. We dont know what wev'e done and my sister recieved a letter saying she was terminated from being power of attorney,so we think all ties have been sevvered by our mum as shes very stubborn and wont phone to give us a reason.

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