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Neighbours 4 year old

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IceAddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:18:17

Hi hope this is in the right place.

Sorry very long.

A couple of weeks ago my neighbours 4 year old saw us coming home after school. Asked if my 2dcs could play out. I don't know the neighbour so said he could ask his mum if he could come over and play at our house. I waited for him to go over the small road to his gate and back as no other adults were around.

Anyway he's been playing with my dcs at every opportunity, and as of yet I've not said more than a few sentences to his mum as I've only seen her when i deliver him back and check she knows he's home. I don't mind he is well behaved and no trouble at all.

Today my dcs are both at school/child minder and I've taken a few hours out to catch up on a few things ad home.

Came in about half an hour ago to neighbours 4 year old playing out on his own asking where my dcs are. I explained they are at school and he could play with them later. I said I'm not playing either today got some cleaning and boring housework to do. He asked if he could play in our garden I said yes of course and went in.

He then knocked for a drink and I am now entertaining someone elses child while mine are out and im supposed to be catching up.

Now i don't mind sending him back over to his house but I feel so sorry for him just out in the street on his own. His mum doesn't even look out the window as all the blinds are shut.

I have started to feel responsible for him when hes here and making sure his mum knows that I've sent him back to her so if he goes missing she cant say he was at my house.

Im unsure what to do about this little boy, we don't live in a very posh area or anything and i would not allow my kids out alone as there are youths that hang about, druggys that sit drinking cans not far from here. Its not horrific the neighbours are nice but its really not safe for very young children to be out alone unsupervised for the entire time.

IceAddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:19:59

Sorry posted before I proof read, and asked for any advice, thanks

headinhands Wed 03-Jul-13 13:21:25

Mum sounds depressed. How about having a word and explain that you worry about him being on his own in the garden?

IceAddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:23:01

Also there was a domestic incident involving the couple, I think, his mum and dad who live in the house he lives in. It was very serious and police cordoned off the whole cul de sac as there was a weapon involved. Im assuming social services are probably already aware of the family. sad

headinhands Wed 03-Jul-13 13:24:20

My neighbours kids come round to play. There's a child shaped gap in the hedge smile I do take her little one back (2yo) when she wanders through though and explain to Mum that I can't make sure she's safe as I'm not outside with them. I hated doing it the first time but don't worry about it now.

headinhands Wed 03-Jul-13 13:25:50

Yeah I reckon they would after that level of incident. Sounds like she could do with a new friend?

IceAddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:36:53

Thanks for your reply, probably wouldn't have posted but for the fact he is in my house and there are no kids here. He's just told me his mum said he can stay for tea! I've asked if he's had lunch and he said he had and told me what he's eaten so I know he doesn't mean to eat now

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