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Unregulated and unqualified NLP trainers working with children

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LindyWheeler Sun 30-Jun-13 13:39:48

I recently came across an organisation who promote and sell a home study NLP kit to the public stating that it will enable those who complete it to confidently work one-to-one with children, and to deliver workshops and seminars in schools. There is no requirement for previous training, no vetting and no assessment of competence on completion. The advertisement proclaims it to be an excellent way to accelerate business by becoming a 'specialist' in the field of NLP.
How do others feel about this? It worries me greatly. NLP is a powerful tool which may have a place in the hands of a highly trained, professionally governed and supervised practitioner, but in the hands of someone who is looking for a business opportunity and has 'self trained' it could be highly dangerous. NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming employs hypnotherapy techniques to 'implant' (and I use the terminology found on the website) new ideas and thoughts with a view to changing behaviour. Is it ok for those who have no formal qualification, regulation or supervision to work with children (or adults)? How would you feel about your child attending a workshop of this kind?

caroldecker Sun 30-Jun-13 16:37:20

surely a school would check qualifications/experience first?

LindyWheeler Sun 30-Jun-13 21:27:46

I'd hope a school would check, although possibly not. I'm more concerned about parents who may not think they need to check. I'm also concerned about those who might invest in a program like this and honestly feel it qualifies them to practice with children. I just feel any kind of 'therapy' needs to be regulated and supervised. Particularly when it involves vulnerable kids.

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