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Who do I speak to re a chap that is not meant to live next door

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seatfor5 Sat 08-Jun-13 17:05:47

The guy next door is not meant to live there so much so that a foster carer takes his 2 year old every Saturday to a play centre for him to have visitation - the little boy was strapped back about a hour ago and they are now all in the garden having a BBQ! The reason he is not meant to live there is because he is under investigation for abuse of a 5 year old girl sad my question is who do I tell he lives there as the stupid women also has a daughter of 12 (which is the main reason he is not meant to be there)

burberryqueen Sat 08-Jun-13 17:08:00

phone the non emergency police number?

burberryqueen Sat 08-Jun-13 17:08:54

or it could all be nasty gossip? i mean do you know for sure or it is hearsay?

LoopyLooplaHoop Sat 08-Jun-13 17:09:31

The police.

fubbsy Sat 08-Jun-13 17:13:56

Phone your local social services and ask to speak to the duty social worker.

lljkk Sat 08-Jun-13 17:14:17

What Burberry said.

fubbsy Sat 08-Jun-13 17:19:42

If they are informed, the police and/or social services can look into it. If it is just unfounded gossip, they will take no further action. If the child is at risk, they will be in a position to do something about it.

HeySoulSister Sat 08-Jun-13 17:19:51

where are your 'facts' from?

mumfiftyfour Sat 08-Jun-13 17:23:27

your Local Authority Children's Services Department will have a telephone number for the emergency duty team, they will react to your call, this is THAT serious.

pumpkinsweetie Sat 08-Jun-13 17:26:08

If you have the definate facts, call social services

TheRealFellatio Sat 08-Jun-13 17:26:14

Do you mean that he lives with the mother of his two year old, who takes him to the contact centre to maintain the illusion that they are not longer together when in fact, they are?

Or is the two year old someone else's child?

Is the five year old child his?

TheRealFellatio Sat 08-Jun-13 17:26:34

sorry for typos

LIZS Sat 08-Jun-13 17:28:08

If he is breaching a court order then police.

seatfor5 Sat 08-Jun-13 20:03:52

I have the info from his sister in law and I stopped the foster carer in the street today after she returned the 2 year old to the mother - Its not even the mother that is taking him to see his Dad its a foster carer! I said to the lady have you just returned him from seeing his Dad her reply was "umm" I then said that the sister in law had told me that social workers take the little boy to the play center to see his Dad and her reponse was " That is what I have just done" I then told her that he lives there! she said she would pass that info on - so I am quite sure he should be there!

seatfor5 Sat 08-Jun-13 20:05:16

I dont think the 5 year old is his (she is 9 now and has told her Mum a few months ago) I have no idea what order he has again him just that he should be there!

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