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Dealing with a clinging friend

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TheDoctrineOfSnatch Fri 14-Dec-12 09:06:26

It's fine for dads to post!

Would it be possible to put a couple of dates in the calendar so he's got something to look forward to? Say one quick beer and then a couple of weeks later, a cafe visit with your baby?

Disasterjustavoided Thu 13-Dec-12 18:53:45

Hello first post every on Mum's net and I have to come clean and say I'm a Dad, hope that is ok?

Right here is my dilema, I think its a bit ethical although I couldn't find another place for it. An old friend who has had some anxiety issues in the past has recently got a little clinging. I have tried to explain that I have a 7 week old child and all this rather new and so I might just not be around much, this doesn't mean I don't value his friendship. I was getting a bit stressed by his texts asking me, on a fairly constant basis (3 a week) to meet him at least once a week. I told him to try and not hastle me to see him on a weekly basis at set times as this can be difficult (I'm also self employed from home and fairly busy with work).

He agreed not to schedule me in then has taken to ramping up the texts to try and find me when I am free. I'm trying to find a way of saying can I just call you when I'm free without hurting his feelings as I know he can be a very fragile person. Although, right now I feel like telling him to F off!

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