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Should I call crime stoppers or not?

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Sunnyshores Wed 13-Feb-13 17:24:45

I'd do whats best for you - not what's worst for them. If you can report them anonymously, then do it. If however they are going to know its you who's reported them, or even suspect you, then it sounds as if they could get nasty - so I'd leave well alone and avoid all contact with her.

I wouldn't hesitate but not because of silly comments (wouldn't bother me at all), but because they are doing something illegal.

Isabeller Wed 05-Dec-12 16:44:22

Leave well alone

Nestlyn Wed 05-Dec-12 16:00:55

Please tell me what to do I need some sound advice.

I'll try and keep it brief, I made friends with a woman as we had DS's the same age and I've known her about 2 years. Since getting to know her better I've cooled our friendship for a few reasons, she's rude to me, tells me off constantly shouts at her DS and smacks him all the time. Her son in turn kept hitting my DS. The list goes on and on and so I thought I don't know her well enough to put up with this I'll walk away. It wasn't necessarily personal against me, she just has an aggressive personality. We didn't fall out as such, I stopped socialising with her, but we will still have a conversation if I see her out.

I've gone on to have a DB and she's now 5 months, but every time I see the ex friend and her partner out and about, they're both really bitchy and unkind about my beautiful DB, and I'm so hurt and wounded by their comments I want to take revenge and hurt them back.

Her partner has a number of ebay shops selling counterfeit DVD's, I know for a fact he clears £1000 a month from it and he's had them for years, so imagine the money he's already made. They pay for her friends flights to come over from another country to bring in cigarettes for him to sell. There's other things too that I could mention but I think i've made my point. I know that at the time I should have told them to keep their spiteful comments to themselves, but the moment has passed and I'm still upset. What should I do?

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