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Doubting your child

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MayaMorph Thu 25-Oct-12 16:55:21

Would you ever doubt what your child has to say. Do we listen enough to our children.
I try to, but I am not sure, if he was abused whether he would tell me. Would your child?

Where were the parents of all of the children that Jimmy Saville (and others) are reported to have abused and why weren't the children listened to.

and then, the occasions when people's lives are destroyed by a misleading comment, a false rumour.
How, oh how do we as a society find the right space between truths and lies and those responsibility is it?

lilibartley Thu 25-Oct-12 18:29:42

It's a very interesting question, and quite a taboo that I think this Jimmy Saville horror has highlighted in a way. I went to see a film last week at the London film festival, called the Hunt(I think it comes out next month) which looked at exactly this, a man wrongly accused of abusing a child in his care. It really was an interesting take and made me think about this subject quite a lot. What would I do if someone told me my child was being abused? I'd probably jump to that conclusion without even thinking! How much can a child imagine? Fascinating. I hope I never have to deal with it.

BrianaS Tue 30-Oct-12 15:47:46

It would be impossible not to do everything possible to protect your child. But to condemn an innocent person to a life time of rumours, hearsay and rejection would be an awful outcome.

I really cant wait to see this film.!

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