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Should I report this person?

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Nuttyprofessor Sun 16-Sep-12 22:26:00

Last week I drove my old but beautifully preserved BMW over an overly large speed bump and smashed the catalytic converter and broke the lower arms.. The car was due for an MOT so I put it in for repairs and MOT.

The car failed the MOT because of the above damage and also breaks needed new pads. The cost of these repairs is more than the value of the car. I decided it was time for a new car.

As the car is in amazing condition and still shines like new I thought I would try to sell it for spares. I was lucky enough to sell the car for three hundred pounds.

I have now heard that the person I sold the car to has purchased a no questions asked MOT and is now selling the car for the current market value but has not carried out any of the repairs.


TeamEdward Sun 16-Sep-12 22:28:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fluffacloud Sun 16-Sep-12 22:32:48

I would report the seller and the garage that provided the MOT if you know which one it was.

This is dangerous and illegal. I would report to the police and the DVLA.

Hope you're enjoying your new car smile

ClaudiaSchiffer Sun 16-Sep-12 22:37:06

Yes, report.

I would be a total busybody in this instance.

Nuttyprofessor Sun 16-Sep-12 22:37:37

Thanks for the replies, I don't know which garage but they must have stamped his paperwork.

mamalovesmojitos Sun 16-Sep-12 23:08:48

Definitely. That is so dangerous.

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