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Strict veggie sis feeding 10mo son fishy Aptimal

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theseboots Wed 22-Feb-12 23:55:56

Background: Me and Sis on the same page for 25 years as strict vegetarians.
She has weaned her son onto formula from breast recently and has been getting cartons of stage 3 Aptimal.

I offered to keep an eye out for special deals in my local supermarket last Monday, so had a close look at the carton.
It says in the smallprint 'contains fish'

Quietly mentioned this to my Mum and she looked horrified (she isn't veggie but knows how strongly my sis feels about it).

Not sure how to approach the situation. Obviously don't want to buy it for her now I know, but she is still a bit snappy/overtired/generally bogged down so don't want to tell her either!

Any ideas?

Ps. DD's aged 6 and 7, also veggie so far, overheard. AIBU to send one of them in to her at some point waving a carton aloft, proclaiming loudly 'It says it's got fish in!'

ohdearwhatdoidonow Wed 22-Feb-12 23:57:51

Don't they all???

lorcana Thu 23-Feb-12 00:00:47

The kid is drinking it - he will not mind. Seriously , just that.

theseboots Thu 23-Feb-12 00:02:22

Brilliant name btw!
Had mine on Hipp Organic when I stopped breastfeeding, because it was Veg Soc approved.
Main stumbling block seems to be source of omega oils.
I work in a nutrition based field, so red flag went up immediately.
What to do though@

theseboots Thu 23-Feb-12 00:03:20

He won't mind, but she will when she realises.
Do I tell her I know?

Thumbwitch Thu 23-Feb-12 00:04:34

Tell her! FGS. How hard can it be? Just tell her and let her make her own mind up whether to change or not.

DaenerysTargaryenButCallMeDany Thu 23-Feb-12 00:05:01

just tell her

MaryMotherOfCheeses Thu 23-Feb-12 00:06:18

You would be unreasonable to send the children in with the message!

I wouldn't tell her unless you have a damn good alternative and you think it will be easy for her to change over.

theseboots Thu 23-Feb-12 00:10:18

Thumbwitch think you're probably right.
We have a fairly testy relationship at times, which I think is putting me off saying anything.
May text and say I've just noticed it in the supermarket or something.
Realise it doesn't sound a big deal if you're not vegetarian yourself, wasn't sure where to post this.

Thumbwitch Thu 23-Feb-12 00:18:56

No I fully understand it's a big deal, but if you KNOW it's a big deal for your sister then you have to at least ask her if she's noticed - think if it was the other way around and she knew and didn't tell you and you did care - you'd be hopping mad that she'd let you continue to feed your DC something you didn't agree with!

So, risk her initial wrath (much of which will probably be at herself for not noticing) and ask her if she's aware of the fish content.

theseboots Thu 23-Feb-12 00:26:26

Thanks. Makes sense. Deep breath.
And I'll do it tomorrow.
3rd day of procrastination.

Thumbwitch Thu 23-Feb-12 00:32:19

Or you could always ask your mum to tell her... wink

lorcana Thu 23-Feb-12 07:49:38

3rd day of procrastination !! OMG.

CremeEggThief Mon 27-Feb-12 18:22:38

Did you tell her yet?!

I read that unfortunately, Hipp Organic formula is no longer vegetarian. There's information on the Vegetarian Society website, if anyone is interested.

jshm2 Tue 28-Feb-12 11:47:11

Your Vegans not vegetarians if you want nothing animal related. it's like saying "I don't love animals, I just hate plants with a passion."

Anyway it's a silly way to live and if she's going to get upset then don't tell her. When she sees her child has not sprouted wings by eating non-plant food maybe she'll lose her militant attitude towards foods.

AMumInScotland Tue 28-Feb-12 11:53:43

hmm No, vegan is also excluding things like dairy which are not directly made from a dead animal. Vegetarian is not eating dead animals, which includes fish.

Have you told her yet? I think you need to get your courage up and do it, even if she'll be snappy about it.

CremeEggThief Tue 28-Feb-12 12:06:12

You do need to tell her, because it is worse the longer it goes on.
If you were eating a product that wasn't vegetarian and you found out someone else knew but hadn't told you and had let you carry on, wouldn't you be annoyed? I know that I would.

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Feb-12 12:09:48

i wouldn't do anything.

As far as I'm aware ALL formulas now contain fish oils. your sister may be well aware of this already
if she has already weaned him then there is nothing she can do about it is there?

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Feb-12 12:12:24

OR, if you must tell her then say something like "i was looking out for formula like i said i would, but all the aptimil had fish in, which one did you say it was again?"

but like i say, she has no choice, and very possibly knows anyway, so i am not sure there is anything to gain by telling her aside from her then feeling guilty or giving the child something that is unsuitable

DialsMavis Tue 27-Mar-12 17:16:01

The only vegetarian option now is soya based, no that Hipp isn't. Please make sure your sister does as much research as possible to make an informed decision before she goes down that route. It really is hard to get sufficient omegas into babies of you choose not to BF. I would think her DH is entitled to an equal opinion after also researching this area

MistyB Mon 16-Apr-12 09:45:40

At 10 months, does he need formula? Omega from Barleans Vegan Omega Swirl perhaps?

BranchingOut Mon 16-Apr-12 10:12:41

Can she relactate for a while, then go on to cows' milk?

There has been some bad press around soya formula, especially for boys.

FirstLastEverything Mon 16-Apr-12 10:14:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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