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If you think someone is exposing their child online, what do you do?

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greencolorpack Fri 26-Aug-11 09:29:28

I was looking on Facebook at my news feed. My friend, A, who is a mum, commented that she "liked" a picture of her friend's child. It's a thirteen year old in loads of hair and makeup wearing a very skimpy bikini top and bottom, and she's at some kind of dance tournament. When I looked at the picture, there were 900 comments from friends saying they "Like" it. I don't know this girl or the mother, but I know A, and so I know from the photo settings they have opened it up to everyone, friends of friends or possibly everyone and anyone to see.

Now I have no problem with dance tournaments/beauty pageants, all that stuff because I know it's all in a safe setting and usually the only audience members are the mums who brought the girls there and maybe other family members. But the fact that this mum put this picture out on Facebook for literally all the world to see means surely it will be seen by people who aren't well-wishing pageant mums.

Do you think they are being naive putting pictures like that online? I am tempted to contact them and say, "lovely picture, but I'm not your friend and should not be able to see it, could you make it friends only?" Or restrict it further if she literally has 900 friends and they were the ones making the comments.

zippey Fri 18-May-12 11:44:39

Going by this, should we not speak to teenagers and women in their 20's/30's/40's etc who post suggestive pics on facebook, in case there are potensial rapists going about? I know these are adults but its the same ball park isnt it?

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