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Upgrade Paperwhite or splurge on Oasis?

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QRCode Tue 06-Aug-19 07:23:34

My Paperwhite is the original version. It still works pretty well, but the battery isn't what it was and the page turning can be a bit random (as likely to go back as forward for the sake of a few mm pressed in the wrong place). I know it's only August, but as we live overseas I have to plan ahead so I'm wondering whether to upgrade it as my Christmas present from DH.

Both the latest Paperwhite and Oasis are waterproof and I do read at the edge of the pool sometimes, so that appeals, but are there any ways in which the Oasis is really worth the extra £100? I wouldn't be without the backlight but in practice I don't read in the dark often.

stimulatemymind Thu 15-Aug-19 10:06:55

I have the paperwhite and I love it! The battery life is amazing &It's extremely light too.

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