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I keep buying suggested books but once they are on my Kindle I can't see the blurb about them

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SomethingWithLemons Mon 04-Feb-19 23:47:29

That must be the longest thread title for a while blush

I buy things that look interesting, esp if they are on special offer, but when I'm choosing my next book it's hard to do without typing all the titles into Amazon.

Am I missing something?

mytieisascarf Mon 04-Feb-19 23:52:08

On my kindle paperwhite you can open the book then touch the top of the screen. Three dots appear at the top right. When you press them a menu appears - one if the options is About This Book. That's the blurb about the story etc. Is that what you meant?

burnoutbabe Mon 04-Feb-19 23:52:20

I think I get what you mean. I buy tons and then I have no idea from the title whether it's a gritty murder mystery or a London gal rom com (okay I can probably guess from the title sone times). Shirt if putting them straight into genre folders when buying I generally have to just start it and see whether someone gets killed or moans about a date.

AdaColeman Mon 04-Feb-19 23:54:36

Keep a To Be Read notebook. As you buy anything, jot down a brief note about it, eg
“Tudor period thriller, good reviews, first in series”
“Booker short list, set in Ireland, stream of consciousness”

SomethingWithLemons Tue 05-Feb-19 12:58:51

mytieisascarf. Thanks, I hadn't realised that.

I suppose I could put into collections or keep a notebook too!

Charles11 Tue 05-Feb-19 13:00:35

Log your books on Goodreads.

SomethingWithLemons Tue 05-Feb-19 16:09:27

Charles11 won't that generate more suggestions rather than telling me about my existing books?

Charles11 Tue 05-Feb-19 21:13:00

I haven’t used it in a while but I think You can have a list of books you want to read?

SomethingWithLemons Wed 06-Feb-19 01:45:46

Thanks, I need to reinvestigate.

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