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Would you read it?

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sssshhhhhhhh Sun 11-Nov-18 23:14:53

On amazon kindle would you read a book that was set out as chapters.

So book one would be chapter one approx 5000 words. The the same very so on. Only looking at selling them for 20p a chapter? Just want to keep it flowing instead of throwing the whole book in there.

pippistrelle Mon 12-Nov-18 09:49:37

Probably not, to be honest.

I'd be concerned that I'd never find out the end of the story. Plus, if I'm reading something I want to read it all on my own schedule, not someone else's.

sssshhhhhhhh Mon 12-Nov-18 16:32:38

Yea that's true ::

ScreamingValenta Mon 12-Nov-18 16:36:50

No, I wouldn't. I prefer to read books continuously, and even if I waited until they had all been issued, it would be a nuisance to have 20 or so 'chapters' to open and close on my Kindle.

You could offer chapter one separately as a freebie to attract potential readers, maybe?

chemenger Mon 12-Nov-18 16:43:59

No. Too much faff with multiple downloads. I might consider it for a very favourite author, Terry Pratchett could possibly have pulled it off.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 12-Nov-18 16:47:38

No, faffing about, repeat paying and downloading. It's enough of a faff to download library ebooks to my Kobo as it it, and theyre free.

seven201 Mon 12-Nov-18 17:15:22

No way. Far too faffy.

sssshhhhhhhh Mon 12-Nov-18 22:23:04

Well I won't be doing that haha thanks for the input guys

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