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About this book feature on Kindle

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Azelma Sun 23-Sep-18 22:52:36

When books are first downloaded to the kindle, if you press the title, it comes up with an 'about this book' pop-up screen which includes typical time taken to read the book.

But that feature seems to literally only appear once; as soon as you've clicked the title, I guess the kindle assumes that you have started the book and doesn't show this info again.

Is there a way of showing the 'about this book' including typical reading time again?

BrokenFlipflop Sun 23-Sep-18 22:56:09

I know what you mean. I could be wrong but I thought there was a way to do this via the kindle settings.

BrokenFlipflop Sun 23-Sep-18 22:58:36

I've just had a look on the Kindle app which is where I recalled seeing it and I think I'm wrong. Sorry

Azelma Sun 23-Sep-18 23:28:15

That's OK, thanks for checking for me.

Azelma Wed 10-Oct-18 23:13:54

I've just found out how to see this feature...

Open a book on the Kindle
Press the top of the screen to reveal the icons
Press the three vertical dots
Press "About this book", which brings up info about the book, including typical time to read.

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