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New toy help....

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frog309 Wed 27-Dec-17 09:02:09

Hi. I've just received a new paperwhite for Xmas which I'm really excited about. However I'd been thinking before Xmas about getting a subscription to Audible and am wondering if they can work together. I'm sure they will, but I just wondered how/if other people have done this or whether there's a better way to be able to read your books audibly? I've already investigated kindle unlimited which I don't think is for me due to the limit on books available. I have Amazon prime too if that makes a difference? What do you do??

QuimJongUn Thu 04-Jan-18 16:41:44

Audible doesn't work on the Paperwhite - afaik it only works on the new Oasis. I got one for Christmas and don't really plan on using Audible - I mainly wanted it because it's waterproof and has a bigger screen.

I agree that Kindle unlimited is rubbish, though at the moment they have a free 3 month trial on it - might be worth signing up and reading the few decent books on it for free! Just remember to cancel straight away - you'll get your trial but won't be charged.

frog309 Thu 04-Jan-18 23:18:28

Thanks for your reply...I've since discovered that I can't use an audio service on the paperwhite....never mind, I'll maybe use the audio narration I've ordered on a book through my phone instead. At least I can switch between the two devices 😊 Good job I figured this out before I subscribed to audible!

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