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Kobo AND Kindle?

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myusernameisnotmyusername Fri 18-Aug-17 19:28:30

Hi there, I have a Kindle and love it. Although due to the Sainsbury's book app going over to Kobo and getting some good deals on Kobo books I have a few of them too. I know you can also borrow elibrary books and read them on Kobo too. However there is nothing wrong with my Kindle. I have been trying to use my iPhone to read the Kobo books but it's a bit small. Would it be a bit unnecessary to buy a Kobo too?!

Mcnorton Thu 24-Aug-17 21:13:03

I have both, I use Kobo for most stuff and kindle for cheap deals

PopGoesTheWeaz Tue 05-Dec-17 23:25:10

You can download calibre and an extension (forget which one but gogle should help) and it will translate epub books into mobi and side load them on to your kindle.

myusernameisnotmyusername Thu 07-Dec-17 21:18:20

Thank you.

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