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Kindle books for a dyslexic adult

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cherryontopp Wed 09-Aug-17 18:45:00

I cant find a blooming thing.

He usually reads books from the basic skills and quick reads section at the library but he's been through them all and is looking to take the kindle on holiday.

If I look up quick reads, its quick reads that say myself would be able to read but short stories.

If I look up basic skills learning books, it comes up with books learning how to read.

The only thing I could find is ladybird books for adults but they are coming up a £5+.

Just any quick simple books, he's not bothered about the topic just something to keep him reading.

cherryontopp Wed 09-Aug-17 18:45:33

**sorry meant to say it is my for my dad

Makemineacabsauv Wed 09-Aug-17 18:51:34

Some kindles have dyslexia friendly fonts which would help with him reading the text and might help him read longer books.
Victoria Hyslop has a book of wee short stories set in Greece - carted postales from Greece. Don't know if that would help.

cherryontopp Wed 09-Aug-17 18:56:54

Thanks. It doesn't have to necessarily dyslexic friendly, just simple books for basic readers. Having no luck sad

Dolceandgabbana14 Mon 09-Apr-18 11:17:57

Bit late now, but might help as reading isn't just for holidays! Look up Barrington Stoke publisher. They print high interest books with a lower reading age i.e. interesting stories without the overly complicated vocabulary. They specialise in books for dyslexics.

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