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Help me pick an ereader

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BristolLFR Thu 13-Oct-16 15:34:50

I haven't had one before but have a baby on the way so want to get one.

Thinks I think I need:
Back lit
Lightweight/ easy to hold (especially one handed)
not a kindle (I've boycotted amazon)
Not extortionate

Have seen the kobo glo GD and seems to have good reviews. Any others I should look at?


Mcnorton Wed 19-Oct-16 19:38:08

I have a kobo glo and the new kobo aura one. They are both very good. My eyesight is getting worse so the display is important to me. The aura one is bigger and a bit crisper, but quite a bit more pricey. I would say the glo is a good bet if the screen size suits you and you're not worried about the overdrive feature the aura one has.

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