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Can anyone help me with Kindle family library please? I'm easily confused!

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DogsMightFly Mon 20-Jun-16 09:34:04

My Dad is buying his first Kindle and I've started looking into the family library thing to see if he can access my books and vice versa when he buys Kindle books.

I understand that he needs to sign in via my Amazon account to authorise him as a family member. I can't work out if an Amazon 'household' is a literal household where the two adults have to live together, or a virtual household. We don't live in the same house - does that make any difference?

My other area of confusion is in the payment methods for buying future books. I understand that we will have access to each other's credit cards, but how does that work? At the moment when I buy a book, I don't get an option to select a payment method, it just automatically uses the credit card I set up for one-click purchases. So say my dad buys a book, either via his Kindle or in his Amazon account online, will he get an option to choose his own payment method or will it come off my credit card that I already have set up with Amazon for example?

The help section says this, which is what's confusing me:
"In order to share content, both account holders need to authorise each other to use credit cards associated with their Amazon accounts for purchases on Amazon. This will not affect either of their current payment settings, but each adult will be able to copy the credit cards of the other account to his or her Amazon account and use them for purchases with Amazon."

Theonlyweighisdown Thu 23-Jun-16 16:51:10

Bump. This is something I'm quite curious about too.

RNBrie Thu 23-Jun-16 16:56:51

My sister and I have a household account/family library. I have my amazon account, she has hers. She had to authorize me as part of her household, we do not live together!

To the best of my knowledge I can't use her payment settings, I don't see her address book but I use my default payment settings every time and she uses hers and we've never had a problem. I do not know her log in and have never used it.

She pays for Prime every year and I give her half the money so we share her prime usage, I can order using Prime through my own account.

I can see all of her kindle purchases and download them to my kindle and she can see mine (took a while to figure out the settings though, and every now and again all her books get deleted from my kindle and I have to download them again. Annoying!!)

Does this help?!

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