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There's a new Kindle coming out, Kindle Oasis.

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NewYearSameMe Fri 15-Apr-16 13:31:16

It looks quite nice. It has one edge thicker than the other to make it comfortable to grip and it has page turn buttons as well as touch screen. Plus you can use it left or right-handed as the display will orient automatically. It's a bit pricey though.

pippistrelle Fri 15-Apr-16 13:41:35

It looks lovely, but the price - ouch!

My beloved elderly keyboard Kindle only just gave up the ghost last year so I replaced it with a Paperwhite, but I miss the buttons for page turning as I don't like swiping so much. The new one seems to have a button option, so I'm coveting it. Can't possibly justify it though.

Are you tempted, NewYear?

NewYearSameMe Fri 15-Apr-16 13:44:50

Yes, I am tempted. I've had a Paperwhite since about six months after they came out and the damned thing is functioning perfectly. grin I may have to arrange an 'accident'. They usually drop in price after a year or so, so I may wait that long, which would coincide nicely with my 50th birthday. wink

pippistrelle Fri 15-Apr-16 13:49:27

They do seem to last a distressingly long time, don't they? grin

ghostoftheMNchicken Fri 15-Apr-16 13:50:07

Why is it so freaking expensive? confused

I miss the page turn buttons too, so secretly would like to upgrade but the price is baffling.

NewYearSameMe Fri 15-Apr-16 20:00:24

It's a bit much price-wise. It does include a cover that boosts the battery power, so perhaps in the future they will offer it with the cover as an optional extra and that will bring the price down. I don't really need a cover, and I generally read my Kindle at home so I can charge it whenever it needs it and I don't need an extra long battery.

neonrainbow Sun 17-Apr-16 17:24:42

I've got the Kindle voyage it was expensive but my god it's lovely!

Artandco Mon 25-Apr-16 13:33:00

Seems very expensive. I still have the kindle keyboard, it's at least 6 years old. All the newer ones seem to last far less

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