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Kindle + new Amazon account - can't connect it

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EmGee Mon 15-Dec-14 12:37:19

Can anyone help?

I got a Kindle (first generation back in 2008) which was registered to my Amazon account. About six months ago I had to open a new Amazon account as I had forgotten the password on my old account (I think I must've changed it when one of those viral hacking scares was around).

For some reason I never ever receive any emails from Amazon to my hotmail email account so have never been able to reset the password.

Now, the Kindle is not recognised on my new Amazon account. I have deregistered it (on the Kindle) and tried to register it with the new account but nothing happens. I also tried via online Chat with Amazon but in the end it always comes back to them asking me to reset something they email me - which I can't do!!

Does anyone have any idea what I can do or shall I give up and just buy a new Kindle which would be registered to my new/current Amazon account? It is a pain because even though my existing Kindle is old, it still works fine.


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