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Kobo mini for dd 13, good or bad choice

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lexcat Wed 28-May-14 18:06:45

Book shealves overflowing with dd alwayes wanting new books. I have downloaded a few on my tablet with the kindle app. Find the colours not great and the tablet to heavy and big ( 10 in screen). Dd has some free books on her phone but that not easy to read as to small. Don't want a small tablet as dd will spent all day watching movies, looking on you tube or playing games trying to limit her screen time.
Does the kobo mini only have the ablity to read books and are thier good parental controls, and if not what would people recommened.

kazzawazzawoo Thu 29-May-14 09:41:49

Sorry, don't have experience with Kobo mini, although I've seen it in the shops, but decided it was too small (might as well use a smartphone), I opted for a basic Kindle for dd aged 13 for Christmas, it cost me £59 at the time with some money off with Tesco vouchers, usual price is £69 I think.

She loves it. She's a book worm, always got her nose in a book - or rather in her Kindle now. She doesn't need anything fancy with a light, she has a bedside light for reading in the evening. The quality of the screen is great, doesn't hurt your eyes like a tablet would maybe. And I've found everything we need on Amazon, with the advantage that you can download a sample chapter for free to see if she will like the book.

Maybe someone will be along soon who has the Kobo mini with advice.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-May-14 18:34:51

Not sure on the parental controls or internet browsing. Hopefully someone will be along soon with more information.

Do think she should be able to borrow ebooks from the library with the kobo, which might help with your groaning books shelves smile

UncrushedParsley Thu 29-May-14 19:22:29

I can get library books on my Kobo. Not sure what model it is, but fairly basic. Was about £60 at full price. No internet access, other than to access the books iuswim.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 30-May-14 08:53:38

Have you decided yet lex? smile

lexcat Fri 30-May-14 09:12:03

Checked local library and found they do ebooks and they also do audio books which dd loves when she can,t sleep. Now not sure as was thinking something I could also downlod audio books. Do ereader have the ability to do this?

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 30-May-14 22:37:20

He old kindle keyboards do smile

lexcat Sat 31-May-14 08:43:52

Talked to dd found out her music machine has a mp3 slot. Dd really likes the idea of been able to take it on the bus to school. The shcool is 15 mins away but because she one of the first on and they go round the houses to pick up it takes 45 mins. So think I will go with the Kobo mini, very small so can put it in blazer pocket and cost to to expensive if it gets lost.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 02-Jun-14 10:59:44

Sounds like a good plan smile

Hogwash Fri 13-Jun-14 00:23:07

Ours have Kobos and love them (well, one of them does, one drops his on the floor and the other draws things with it). They are £30 in the sale in Smiths, so good value. Small enough to take to school trips in a pocket.

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