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New Book for Kindle: Conspiracy of the Squirrel

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hearthwitch Tue 08-Apr-14 13:11:48

This is a shameless plug for a new book from a friend of mine out now for �2.11 on amazon Kindle. Its her first book and aimed at Young Adults and Urban fantasy fans. Please check it out (also available in other countries. Its called Conspiracy of the Squirrel: A Mutated Scotland Novel" and can be found through a quick search

"Scotland voted for Independence. That should have been the start of a brave new world. But conspiracy prevented an easy transition and environmental disaster changed the face of Scotland forever. Now as Scotland copes as independent nation with a varied and unusual population, political conspiracy threatens the Capital once more. Can one lone Park warden, save the nation from environmental ruin, solve a murder and save the squirrel population or will the gardens she fights to protect make a meal out of her"

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