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Sharing Kindle account with a child? Technical question

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kimlek Wed 22-Jan-14 19:12:27

I'm considering buying a kindle for my 10 year old. My husband & I have Kindles each and share the account so that we have access to each others books. However, given the genre of the the books we read I don't really want my 10 year old reading these books. Does that mean I need to get a different account for her? What happens if there are books that could be shared? Many thanks!

snuffykins Wed 22-Jan-14 19:14:40

I have the access reatricted on ds kindle. I can access the 'cloud' to download books to it I bought for my kindle - like the hunger games, but he has no access to amazon himself as he doesn't know my password.

kimlek Mon 27-Jan-14 20:30:10

Thank you snuffykins. I'm letting her use mine for the time being - she can't download any new books & she wouldn't anyway but she does have access to a variety of books that aren't really suitable for a 10 year old (thriller types). I've decided not to fret too much as we have books on the shelf that are unsuitable for a 10 year old and she's never picked up one of those so why should she on a kindle? If she started reading one she'd no doubt be bored in a second too! Hopefully!

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