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E-reader for 7 yr old on a budget

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Pistillate Wed 30-Oct-13 21:56:39

Hi there, can you help me think through what to get my daughter?

I don't have much money, so a second had e reader would be a definite possibility. She is a total bookworm, and I would like her to have a smallish one so that it's not too heavy for her to read in bed. She has tried reading on an iPad in bed and says it is too big and heavy to be comfortable. Ideally I would like one which has a backlight so she can read once the light is turned out for her sister.

What do you think I should be looking at? Somebody did mention to me that kindles had a back light when they first came out? Are there any specific generation of e reader I could be looking out for in the second hand shops?

Thanks for any advice.

killpeppa Wed 30-Oct-13 21:57:42

my sister has a older kindle, nice and light and yep it's backlit

monopoly123 Wed 30-Oct-13 21:58:47

Have you had a look at nooks? They've really come down in price, they use play store so you can download android apps (including the kindle app), the processor is fast, they have an SD port so you can put movies on SD cards & they can watch them on that. I think the 7"HD one is about £100 (John Lewis/sainsburys).

mummy1973 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:11:58

We've decided against one as as it costs to put books on their. Sticking to the library.

mummy1973 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:12:18


Pistillate Wed 30-Oct-13 22:15:49

Killpeppa (love your name... Peppa, lettuce and tomato for me please!)
Can you find out what model that is please? (do kindles have model numbers?) sounds ideal, and I might be able to pick n up cheap in cash covers.

Monopoly123.... Where do you buy your books from with a nook? Is it from amazon?

Mummy1973.... I have been wondering about that, but do public libraries not lend enooks as well? Or is that just for adults?

Pistillate Wed 30-Oct-13 22:16:09

Ebooks, not enooks

monopoly123 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:32:58

With the nook you can use the no

Littleredsquirrel Wed 30-Oct-13 22:34:49

Our library does e books but very few childrens books included.

monopoly123 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:34:58

With the nook you can use the nook store (Barnst & Noble) or google play store or the kindle app.
We've downloaded a few free books, I haven't figured out if we can get library books yet but some libraries do ebooks for free.

Pistillate Thu 31-Oct-13 00:15:00

So I need to check out the linrary's book selection on a computer first. It seems like the nook has the most flexibility of reading format out of the e-readers, which would be handy. Can you use all three?

monopoly123 Thu 31-Oct-13 17:05:45

With the nook you can use the kindle app, play store and the nook-shop to get books.

Dogonabeanbag Thu 31-Oct-13 17:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OVOntToSuckYourBlood Thu 31-Oct-13 17:14:32

I've got a nook for my soon to 6 years olds christmas. I really like it, more than I like my kindle tbh.

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 11-Nov-13 22:03:14

Both of mine are total book worms too but its the cost of the books that puts me off buying, that and they like their library visits.

Whichever one you buy, I'd look at the cost of the books more than the cost of the device.

You can usually get some 2nd hand ereaders on ebay, if that's an option.

OverlyMe Thu 28-Nov-13 22:42:24

The mini-kobo is about £50 or £60 but Smiths have reduced to £30 a couple times.

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