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Best way to read in the dark

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Rollermum Fri 25-Oct-13 17:04:27

Thanks Vesta - have ordered a light.

Katolla - thanks! I didn't know that was a thing.

katolla Fri 25-Oct-13 06:31:44

Get kindle app on your phone so you can flick between book and mumsnet?

VestaCurry Fri 25-Oct-13 06:16:00

Yes, did this when I was reading paperbacks & hardbacks

Rollermum Fri 25-Oct-13 05:43:18

Thanks both! That's good to know and sounds more affordable!

I don't yet have an e reader - would be clipping it to books (sorry if unclear) - so does the recommendation still stand! smile

RedorBlack Fri 25-Oct-13 05:40:27

Clip on lights work for me, allows snoring dh & snuffly dd to stay asleep & me to keep my sanity! grin

VestaCurry Fri 25-Oct-13 05:37:30

Clip on light thing probably, but make sure it's one that focuses the light onto tour reader, so light doesn't wake dd up. Review them on amazon before shopping around. I was sooo pissed off when Amazon came up with the paperwhite not long after being bought the previous Kindle (hence have been through the 'what light?' review). Oh and clip needs to fit your reader snugly so doesn't boing off, fall off or shift about.

Rollermum Fri 25-Oct-13 05:29:19

... on a budget?

I am spending night feeds in a dark room and would like to read if I can.

I assumed all e readers could be used in the dark but apparently not. Any recommendations for cheaper e readers that allow this?

Or shall I just get a clip on light thing? Don't want to disturb DD.

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