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Do ereaders do audiobooks?

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Freemilk Sun 08-Sep-13 02:35:18

Ok I'm probably missing the point here but ds has eye problems and has been asked to cut down on reading, so I wondered whether an ereader would be any good to play audiobooks on? If so or if not please let me know which ones are good or bad

BobbyGentry Sun 08-Sep-13 03:30:43

I play audiobooks on my smart devices, iPhone, iPad or MP3 player; have an Amazon-kindle account and download ebook & audio version. It helps kill time on the underground.

TwoTeaTessie Sun 08-Sep-13 03:31:17

I have a Kindle touch, When I got it last year for my birthday DH said it could store and play audio books but I have never tried it as I already had quite a few on my iPod.

The kindle will also read your book to you, but there is no differentiation in the voice used. Found that handy for when I don't know how to pronounce a word though. Hth.

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