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Recommendation for elderly relatives

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Theas18 Mon 22-Jul-13 07:55:31

just to say that both my elderly parents have had kindles as gifts in the past- dad maybe 2yrs ago and mum a year or so.

They have been unbelievably good for them. They both have poor eyesight ( macular degeneration and dad has a cataract) and the sharp adjustable print is good, and the light direct on screen ( dad has a keyboard with lighted case, mum the new one with a cheap ebay lighted case that works surprisingly well).

I do all the " management" of books etc . They just turn them on and read ( or in dads case fiddle/loose places etc , he has dementia).

Mum hasn't read much in years and has read about a book a month since the kindle. Dad, well dad probably can't concentrate/recall enough to really read now, I don't think but he does spend ages " reading" it and at least is settled and less fiddly/up and down out of the chair etc.

Dad had one stolen from a services but apart from that all well, considering how difficult useful presents are to buy.

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Mon 22-Jul-13 10:04:50

Sounds great. We were looking for an easy way to read books for FIL who had Acohol related dementia which may improve or may not. Anyway tried audio books but can't download a suitable device for him to listen to. Can the kindle play audio books?

Theas18 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:11:13

kindle keyboard with do audio but you xant get them anymore.

dad gets audio books for the blind but i dont think he can cope with listening to them concentration issues etc

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Mon 22-Jul-13 10:32:13

Thanks. We tried to download the audio books to an
Mp3 but they aren't compatible. We have audio books from library but they might get stolen where he is and also they didn't have the titles he wanted. Back to the drawing board.

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