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how do you choose books on your e- reader /kindle?

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FeegleFion Sat 06-Jul-13 12:08:45

I've just bought another 5 books and it's this threads fault grinwink

ggirl Sat 06-Jul-13 10:57:30

The kindle daily deal, sometimes get good ones through that, otherwise it's browsing through the amazon site or mn.
I stock up and buy whatever takes my fancy. I usually buy when they are reduced in price, only buy full price if desperate .

webwiz Fri 05-Jul-13 22:01:09

I look at the daily deal on Amazon when I want to stock up on books. I always pay though (have learnt lesson the hard way hmm).

EliotNess Fri 05-Jul-13 21:40:02

oh lord I always pay

FeegleFion Fri 05-Jul-13 19:27:34

I buy books from experience of an author or genre that I enjoy or from recommendations.

I don't ever bother with samples.

HeathRobinson Fri 05-Jul-13 19:04:25

I mostly buy the freebies, so I don't have this problem. wink

I've certainly downloaded freebie books onto my kindle when abroad.

EliotNess Fri 05-Jul-13 18:33:52

I alwys get a sample. A couple of times ( yes YOU ANTONIA FRASER) the minute the book's sample is over, you buy it and it suddenly gets shit.

I am needing to stack up some form holiday - can I stil buy from UK amazon abroad?

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