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kindle paperwhite help

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whatwoulddexterdo Fri 08-Mar-13 07:28:37

I have the kindle touch and would love to upgrade to the kindle paper white. Does any one know what happens to the books on your kindle, I don't want to lose them but i don't want to keep two kindles going.
Also do you turn pages the same with the paper white as the touch.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 08-Mar-13 07:37:46

They remain in the ether with you amazon account and you just select which ones to download to the Paperwhite when you get it. You can do that from e device or the Amazon site, it's dead easy.

Pages turn the same.

You can deregister you old kindle if you want. Ds1 and DH have the Paperwhite, I have a touch but I'm getting kindle envygrin

whatwoulddexterdo Fri 08-Mar-13 10:07:41

Can i have two kindles registered with the same account?
Also is it possible to transfer the books from the touch to the paper white.

Thanks for your help so far.

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