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Cost of Kindle books

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mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 30-Dec-12 15:00:09

I am slightly upset by the cost of kindle books. I usually buy second hand for a penny on amazon so 2.81 and I haven't found any books that I would like to buy for under a fiver. Am I alone in being a bit disappointed in this? I appreciate the VAT angle but it looks like I will only be using my kindle for free classics or have to set a budget probably not more than ten pounds a month sad

Pisces Sun 30-Dec-12 15:07:42

You need to go onto Amazon and sign up for their daily .99p deal. Google Amazon daily 99p deal and it will take you to the right place. At the moment they have the "12 days of Christmas" deal on and you can get quite a few good books for .99p.

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 30-Dec-12 15:10:34

I will do that Pisces, but I also wanted to get my book club books on the Kindle but they are all more expensive than if I buy them in hard copy, in some cases even if I buy them new! I think it is shocking.

IThinkOfHappyWhenIThinkOfYou Sun 30-Dec-12 15:34:55

I got my book club book yesterday for 20p. It was £7 ish before Christmas but still cheaper than the hard copy. The prices seem a bit random.

nannynick Sun 30-Dec-12 15:41:41

Sites like let you track book prices, so you can see when the price drops. It also lists free book titles, sending you a daily email if you so wish.

How does the book club work? If someone is selecting the books to read then maybe they could select books which are low cost on Kindle.

Mindingalongtime Sun 30-Dec-12 18:26:50

Dailycheapreads is also good, sometimes free books or 20p and upwards. Life of Pi is 20pence, i would never have bought it otherwise! I have bought 20 books this week and spent less than £12!

SwedishEdith Sun 30-Dec-12 18:33:37

I only buy dispensible books on mine (for train journeys, really) as the free/cheap ones are usually not that great. I'm mindful of being bound to a kindle/e-reader forever as well if I put all books I buy onto it.

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 30-Dec-12 21:04:20

I did get Life of Pi today actually.

It is difficult at ook club really as lots of people make a suggestion and then we vote so it may or may not be cheap.

I defintely don't intend on being bound to mine, I love a good paper copy in my hands and can't stop buying them when in second hand bookshops etc, plus presumably it will die one day and all the books with it?

Cheddars Wed 02-Jan-13 23:52:29

Your books will stay on your Amazon account so will transfer to a new kindle if your old one dies.

I've had my kindle for a year but read 'real' books as well. I add books I'd like to read to my wishlist on Amazon and go through that every so often. The prices of kindle books do go up and down a lot!

JellyBelly10 Sat 05-Jan-13 11:02:02

And don't forget the 'public domain' books on Kindle which are all free. Yes they're mainly classics, but there are loads and laoads of them. I've just down-loaded Wuthering heights and The Railway Children which I definitely wouldn't have paid for! But when they are free it's a good way of revisiting books that you haven't read for years.

shartsi Sat 05-Jan-13 11:06:00

I bought a cd with 10,000 ebooks that can be uploaded on kindle form ebay. I think it cost £2.99. They are not the newest books but they are perfect for me.

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