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Is there a simple algorithm for estimating the number of pages from a word count?

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BRANdishingMistletoe Tue 25-Dec-12 13:42:42

Lots of Kindle books are shown on Amazon with a word count rather than the number of pages. I don't really have a very good sense of how big a book might be just from the number of words other than over 100,000 is a biggish book.

Yogagirl17 Tue 25-Dec-12 13:48:20

Why not just check the page numbers on the non-Kindle edition?

BRANdishingMistletoe Tue 25-Dec-12 14:54:23

There isn't always a non-Kindle version, especially for sci-fi.

Yogagirl17 Tue 25-Dec-12 15:11:03

Really - is there a lot of new stuff being published as ebooks only? Sometimes the non ebook version doesn't automatically show up if you're shopping in the 'kindle shop', you have to search for it separately? Sorry, no other suggestions.

Lots of major discounts on kindle stuff today though!! Just bought 3 books for a total £3.17. smile

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