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Kobo Glo -v- Kindle Paperlight

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alexrider Sat 24-Nov-12 13:31:54

I currently have a Kindle, I love it, have had it two years and it is my most prized possession, however the DCs have discovered it too so we all seem to be arguing over it.

I was quite taken by the Kindle Paperlight, the thought of being able to read when I take the DCs to the cinema instead of having to use a light attached to my Kindle case is very attractive. The only think that has stopped me buying it is the price. It's about £50 out of my limit at the moment.

Last night I saw a Kobo Glo advertised, it does the same thing as the Paperlight but it's only £100. The whole mobi, epub thing isn't a problem for me because I'm often converting books with Calibre.

Has anyone got a Kobo Glo that they can give me feedback on. I would be very grateful.

TheFoosa Sat 24-Nov-12 17:34:15

the paperwhite is £109 for the wifi version so not much more than the Glo

NadineBeyer Mon 03-Dec-12 08:38:31

The Kobo Glo is what I'd buy over the Kindle. Personal preference.

alexrider Mon 03-Dec-12 11:16:03

Thank you. I'm still torn. I've read a few reviews of the Paperwhite and they weren't happy with the coverage of the light, said it turned blue in the corners etc. Also now the delivery for the Kindle is ridiculous and I'm not likely to get it for Christmas.

Is it easy to download books that you have on your computer onto the Kobo? I know it takes epub format which isn't a problem for me, with the Kindle I just copy and paste into the Kindle directory.

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