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A Distant Prospect - Smart Rom-Com - Free Today on Kindle

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stephied Wed 31-Oct-12 10:29:33

I came across this smart looking rom com free today on Kindle - A Distant Prospect by the actor Sean Chapman.

It is spring at London's National Theatre. Riley Johnson, a charismatic young actor, is rehearsing a role in a challenging play.

But Riley's life is falling apart.

His debts are crippling.

His relationship is a mess.

And the production is in trouble.

As the play’s opening night approaches, happiness and success seem a distant prospect. But when he’s offered the leading role in a new film Riley senses this, at last, might be his big break...

‘A Distant Prospect’ is an eye-opening and entertaining depiction of the harsh realities of life as a modern-day professional actor. A dazzling romantic comedy, as well as a dark tale of the challenges of theatrical life, 'A Distant Prospect' is a must-read for all aspiring actors and theatre-fans alike.

Sean Chapman is the author of the acclaimed ‘Ms Derby Requires’ and an experienced actor, who has starred in films such as Hellraiser and Joy Division, appeared in leading roles at the National Theatre and in the West End, and has appeared frequently on television in programmes such as Midsommer Murders, Kavannagh QC and Absolutely Fabulous.

'A Distant Prospect' has been widely praised by leading figures in the British theatre.

“I found it took me over and once I’d started reading it I hardly stopped.” – Sir Alan Bennett

“I read the book straight through on the plane and was completely absorbed and fascinated and entertained by it. It’s beautifully realized.” – Sir David Hare.

“Charts with acute accuracy and insight, what an actor's life is really like with great panache and mordant humour.” - Richard E. Grant.

“Lovely stuff: accurate, sharp, painful.” – Simon Callow.

“The best writing about acting and the actor’s life I’ve ever come across.” – Julian Sands.

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