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discs of 7000+ kindle books - advice needed

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tiggy114 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:35:08

Say i had hypothetically bought such a disk from ebay, how would i go about choosing what to start with??? Would i just start with book one and see if it grabs, and if not move on to book 2 and so on? Or would i sit and trawl through goodreads / amazon and look for ones with good ratings???

Rockchick1984 Sun 21-Oct-12 17:10:13

I would start with ones where I had heard of the author, then probably go for ones where the title grabbed my attention smile

AgentProvocateur Sun 21-Oct-12 17:30:20

My friend bought similar. Be aware that many are full of bad spelling and grammar, if they are not the actual publishers' ebooks.

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