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School Ties - Rom Com by Emma Lee-Potter - Free Today

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stephied Wed 10-Oct-12 09:47:23

I found School Ties by Emma lee-Potter free on Kindle today. Looks very light, but just started it, and it seems a fun relaxing read.

Downthorpe Hall. A posh public school in the Home Counties. Will Hughes has been installed as the new headmaster - fresh from working in an inner-city Comprehensive.

Will knows there will be challenges ahead. Difficult parents, rebellious teenagers, and jealous teachers who will fight his attempts to reform the school.

What he didn't expect was a battle for his heart.

But when he meets the fiercely ambitious deputy head Grace Foley, and the brilliantly smart science teacher Henry Mead, Will realises that the ties at Downthorpe are not just the kind you wear around your neck.

What follows is a tangle of competing ambitions and desires that will leave Will bemused - and may force him to choose between the job he has always wanted and the woman of his dreams.

'School Ties' is a sparkling romantic comedy that takes the reader inside the cloistered, elite world of a top public school. It introduces a brilliant cast of characters that will entrance and entertain the reader.

It is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green and Jilly Cooper.

Emma Lee-Potter is a novelist and journalist. She has written three novels, Hard Copy, Moving On and Taking Sides, and is the author of House With No Name, a blog about life, books, teenagers and France.

Her books have been widely praised.

'A pacy expose… tightly written, with snappy dialogue,’ Daily Mail

‘Fast and furious,’ Daily Mirror

‘Couldn’t put it down,’ Best

‘If you enjoy pace, dialogue and a glimpse of life behind the headlines, you’ll love this’ Belfast Telegraph

‘An authentic witty insight into life behind the headlines’ Books Magazine

andallthatjargon Mon 22-Oct-12 22:54:03

it's 1.99 now but thanks for the recommendation :D

stephied Wed 24-Oct-12 09:41:35

No worries

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