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How old is your kindle and is it aging well???

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Arabellasmella Thu 02-Aug-12 21:37:21

The reason I ask is that mine has just unexpectedly broken at the not very ripe old age of 19 months. Out of the blue the top half of the screen has frozen and got vertical lines through it. have done a reset but it only resets the bottom half of the screen. Rang customer services and found that the warranty is only for a year. All she could do was offer me 20% off a new one. I'm torn. I love my kindle, but if it is a common problem (and a google search seems to say it is) I don't want to be shelling out for new kindles every year and a half. Has anyone else had experience of this or am I just unlucky?

Gabeesh Fri 03-Aug-12 14:43:27

Mine did that 5 days after the warranty expired, but it may have been damaged.

DiscoDaisy Fri 03-Aug-12 14:45:58

Mine's still going strong after 18 mths.
Hopefully I haven't just jinxed it!

thefoosa Fri 03-Aug-12 16:16:31

I have read that the average life is 2 years

Like most things, they have a built in obsolescence

CaroleService Fri 03-Aug-12 18:16:00

Both of ours gave up just after the warranty had run out. I was really cross - they hadn't been mis-treated, and the discount to replace just wasn't good enough. I've managed with iPhone and iPod since, and my dh bought a Kobo.

Oddly enough, spurred on by the £10 off code in the discounts section, I was going to buy a new one today in the hope that the new version would be tougher than the old edition. Then found I would have to pay £12.99 extra for a charger ffs and flounced right off again !

I'm assuming the charger for my old one won't work.

Caerlaverock Fri 03-Aug-12 18:17:31

The old charger should work as will the charger for most Samsung phones

CaroleService Fri 03-Aug-12 18:18:46

Blimey, you're quick!

My finger is hovering over the buy button!!

Happiestinwellybobs Fri 03-Aug-12 18:22:25

Mine packed in after 7 months - horizontal lines across the screen which got worse as the afternoon went on (and I was about 20 pages from the end of the last 50 shades book! (yes I know it was dire but still wanted to know the ending!!). Fortunately it was under warranty and as the 'fix' didn't work the lovely Amazon last sent me a new one the next day. Bit disappointed it broke but was impressed with the service. If out of warranty sad though....

TheWalkingDead Fri 03-Aug-12 18:26:48

My Kindle is 21 months old and apart from a scratch on the bottom right hand corner, it's going well. I use it everyday and if it broke I would probably cry. It's going to break now, isn't it?

I think it's included on our 'Gadget insurance' we have through our current account, but not sure of the extent of the cover. If there was no way to fix it I'd buy one within about 3 seconds as I would go around with a face like this sad

stephied Sat 04-Aug-12 10:13:26

Mine has been working fine for almost two years

Wilding Sat 04-Aug-12 10:25:23

I'm on my 5th - luckily each one has broken within the warranty date so I've always been able to get a free replacement from Amazon. They don't last well at all in my experience - and I do look after them!

ggirl Sat 04-Aug-12 10:38:07

oh no!!! Mines just over a year old problems yet...I'd be gutted if it broke.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 05-Aug-12 07:59:58

I'm not convinced that Amazon have a standard policy on replacements. Mine froze on the opening screen, did hard reset nothing. Phoned customer services and they offered a replacement free of charge, it was 18 mths old. I wonder whether they check your spending records on Amazon, I spend alot on there, before deciding whether to offer a free replacement?

Shoshe Sun 05-Aug-12 08:06:05

Mine went at two year point, I was offered a refurbished for £30.00, and had to return the broken one.

Can I say that Kindle Customer services have got to be the best I have ever dealt with as well.

Arabellasmella Sun 05-Aug-12 17:13:46

Not to me they weren't. They were perfectly pleasant, but 20% off a new one wasn't the greatest offer i've evr had. I think I was buying an ebook a month maybe for the past 19 months, so maybe not enough.
It shouldn't break after such a short time though. Am going to leave the offer now. Thanks for getting back to me,

CaroleService Sun 05-Aug-12 18:15:26

I was buying a book a day. They wanted £50 for a replacement and I said no thanks. 14m old, the one that froze. I was unimpressed.

lee2012 Tue 21-Aug-12 14:21:56

I only got mine at christmas but i use it every day. When my boyfriend got mine he got it with 3 years anything happens insurance! Though if it broke i still think i would cry

angelinterceptor Thu 30-Aug-12 10:53:19

Mine is just over 18 months old, got it Christmas 2010. Use it all the time, really love it.
Loaded it up with a heap of new books just before my holiday in August; first day at the pool opened it up and discovered the screen faulty, just like you are all describing. I could have cried, stuck on hols without anything to read.

They have offered me the 20% discount on a new one, werent even interested in looking at my own one to see if its fixable or not. Mine was a gift originally without the extra insurance, but i will tell anyone I know now that the insurance is essential if they are not actually built to last!

Knowsabitabouteducation Thu 30-Aug-12 14:32:13

We had ever so many problems with Kindles and broken screens. Fortunately, it always happened within a few weeks (3 days for one of them). I bought them at PCWorld so just kept taking them back for a new one. Each time, the warranty is reset.

Funnily enough, the Kindles bought directly from Amazon have been fine.

tiredtoday Tue 02-Oct-12 01:37:08

Mines 20 months, and had no problems with it.. hope it never breaks!

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