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How do you transfer an ebook from Kindle to Calibre?

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tb Wed 18-Jul-12 16:41:12

Hope someone can help with this one.

I'd like to transfer an ebook from my Kindle into my Calibre library. I've tried the obvious things like 'get book' from Calibre, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

I managed to get a largish file from the kindle into calibre, but it couldn't open it.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help

ZacharyQuack Thu 19-Jul-12 02:44:27

If you run Calibre on your PC, and plug your kindle into the USB port, does the book show in Calibre?

When your kindle is plugged into your PC, the kindle is shown as an external drive in Windows Explorer, and you should be able to copy and paste from there.

tb Sat 18-Aug-12 23:25:52

You can transfer a file, but then it won't open in Calibre

bluedonkey Sun 30-Sep-12 13:08:12

When you plug in your Kindle to the PC an new icon called Device should appear at the top of the software interface. When you click on that it will show you the books you have on your Kindle. If you right click on a book, you will get the option "Add books to library".

IzzyHow Sat 13-Oct-12 21:04:13

Or copy the file from the Kindle and drop it someplace on the PC and then open the file in Calibre.

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