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Wool by Hugh Howley = great read!

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cupcake78 Wed 20-Jun-12 09:19:28

Was free when I got it, not sure if it still is but its definatley worth a look

cupcake78 Wed 20-Jun-12 09:20:37

Hugh Howey (grr iPhone)

bookbird Wed 20-Jun-12 11:49:47

Now £7.12 on Amazon which is a shame. I do like personal recommendations, but won't take a punt at that price.

cupcake78 Wed 20-Jun-12 13:23:32

Ouch! I'm learning you've got to be fast when it comes to good free kindle books

bran Mon 05-Nov-12 18:33:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThreeBeeOneGee Mon 27-May-13 13:59:40

Not sure if I'm allowed in this section as I read it in <whispers> paperback.

Great book though. Have reserved the sequel from the library.

mummytime Mon 27-May-13 14:10:24

I got this as a paperback from Amazon and it comprised 5 books, to make the whole book. It was very good.

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