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Kindle - wi-fi help please

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Isla77 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:07:24

I have bought a Kindle for my daughter and want to put some books on it to get her started. It is a wi-fi one. Today I tried to get the wi-fi set up but failed miserably. It recognises our home hub but wants a password for it before it can be set up. As far as I know we do not have a password on our home hub (or not one we set up anyway!) and DH agrees with me. I jst cannot get the wi-fi set up on it and do not know what to do now. Any one who can help?

Nevercan Tue 18-Oct-11 21:25:09

Do you have a pc aswell that you can check the wifi set up on and see if it shows a password (even if it is starred out)?

ASuitableGirl Tue 18-Oct-11 21:28:14

My router has a password on the bottom of it - although I am presuming you have looked there.

DownbytheRiverside Tue 18-Oct-11 21:30:56

There's a sticky label on our router with a ten letter/number sequence on it.
It's identified as 'Wireless key'
That's the code my kindle wanted.

redlac Tue 18-Oct-11 21:37:56

If you don't have a password for your wifi I urge you to set one up - not worth the security problems if ou don't have

Isla77 Tue 18-Oct-11 22:28:01

Nevercan - had a look but cannot find anything but thanks for the thought.

ASuitableGirl - have never looked on the bottom of the hub - although I do pick it up to dust it from time to time - honest! There are several numbers on the back on a label, though.

DownbytheRiverside - I will try that number although the screen on kindle definitely says "password". Did your Kindle ask for Wirelss key? Mine is asking for password.

redlac - taking your advice on board altho' we have had wi-fi for ages and no security problems so far.

ASuitableGirl Tue 18-Oct-11 22:31:42

I definitely used the wireless key on my kindle. I would try any possibilities on the bottom of the hub and see if any work (hopefully one will)

TimmyTimeRules Tue 18-Oct-11 22:33:17

When my Kindle asked for a wifi password I typed in the network key on the bottom of the router.

DownbytheRiverside Tue 18-Oct-11 22:40:13

Mine asked for password, but the wireless key was what it meant.

Isla77 Wed 19-Oct-11 22:25:03

Have not had time to try it as DH has been around all day today so nowhere to hide and do it if you see what I mean! Will have some time on my own tomorrow though so will give it a go then and will let you know what happens. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Isla77 Wed 19-Oct-11 23:30:02

Last post may sound a bit odd. I originally bought this Kindle for my daughter for Christmas but have now decided to give it to DH for his birthday which is in November as he has expressed a real interest in having one. Will buy another one for DD for Christmas as she has quite a long train journey to work and has hinted that a kindle would be great for reading on the train as often standing room only and lighter to hold than a book.

Isla77 Thu 20-Oct-11 13:38:31

Thank you, thank you, thank you all you lovely people. I typed in the wireless key number and the kindle immediately did the business. Have now downloaded two books onto it just to start DH off. I have registered it with Amazon which I thought might be a problem as did not buy it from them (bought it in john lewis for same price as Amazon and as I had £50 of vouchers which have been knocking around the house since last Christmas I used them towards the cost!) but it has been registered without a problem and all I need to do now is wrap it up and hide it away. Going shopping at the weekend and will buy DD's kindle and no hassle setting it up thanks to all of you. Have a good weekend when it comes folks and thanks again.

ASuitableGirl Thu 20-Oct-11 15:15:48

Hooray smile

Am very glad it is now working. Kindles are Good Things smile

Isla77 Thu 20-Oct-11 20:45:34

ASuitableGirl - you are right and, as DH says, there is no more room for shelves for books in our house except in DD's room so hope she will have a mixture of real books and Kindle books and DH will have Kindle books and me (?). Sorry not quite a convert yet but think I could become one very soon as long as I can have the occasional paperback!

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