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ScaryFairy28 Tue 11-Oct-11 17:24:57

I have a kindle want to get my mum one for her Xmas but not sure which to get her plus money is tight so I'm swaying towards refurbished kindle as that's what I have and it's perfect.

SenSationsMad Tue 11-Oct-11 18:13:49

Amazon have a smaller version now for around £89. Don't know anything about it though , sorry.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 12-Oct-11 13:32:21

Can't see why a refurbished one would be a problem at all. There are some on Amazon Warehouse at the moment for £79.99, or the new Kindle is £10 more at £89, not sure if you have to buy the keyboard as well though.

If you don't fancy either of those how about a Kobo for £89.99. There is also a new Kobo due out soon but not sure how much it will be.

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