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Have you seen the new Kindle?

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IreadthereforeIam Thu 29-Sep-11 16:52:32

'Tis very nice:
Although the 'other' new one that they seem to be getting in the US seems to be nicer (Kindle Fire - and I can't get the link to work!!)!! . It looks a bit like a smaller iPad.

But I can't afford one (sigh). I'll just have to stick with the one that I've got!

RoundOrangeHead Thu 29-Sep-11 20:51:43

well, it's got a shorter battery life and less storage so I'm not fussed really

BsshBossh Thu 29-Sep-11 20:57:59

It looks fantastic. If I didn't have an iPad I'd consider buying this. But my ideal device is still a Kindle Fire that switches automatically to e-ink technology when you want to read a book...

mosaica Fri 30-Sep-11 21:05:39

My husband is getting me a Kindle for my birthday. Which one do you think is best? I quite like the new one, which seems smaller and sleeker than the previous versions. But it doesn't have internet access, is that right? Do you think it's worth forking out for the 3G model?

brillopads Fri 30-Sep-11 21:38:03

I have the standard wi-fi Kindle and can't say that I've ever found myself gagging for the 3G version.

The new one does have wi-fi internet access; but for me I think the lack of actual keyboard - for searching the store/ making notes would be a real drag. There is a "virtual, on screen keyboard" but as the device is not touch screen I think this will be really clunky

BsshBossh Mon 03-Oct-11 19:49:08

I hardly ever use the keyboard as I don't make notes and I tend to browse for books on my PC and have my samples and purchases sent from there to my Kindle so the new model would suit me fine. I am also perfectly happy with Wi-fi as I only tend to download books at home. If I travelled alot and was generally away from home and/or a wi-fi connection then I'd want the 3G.

pinkhebe Mon 03-Oct-11 19:52:07

seeing as I've already used 1000mb of memory on my kindle, I don't think that the new one would have enough memory for me.

Reiden Wed 05-Oct-11 15:02:52

How can you tell how much memory you have used?

pinkhebe Wed 05-Oct-11 21:41:45

It's on the top left part of the screen (you might have to go into the menu first though - I haven't got it to hand at the moment) It says '****mb space left' I think.

AyesToTheRight Wed 05-Oct-11 21:59:58

I have an ordinary one and agree with BsshBossh that I don't tend to use the keyboard much and am fine with wifi only as I tend to do things with books at home with wifi (and then read them elsewhere).

The Kindle Fire looks great though <wish I were in America>

Trills Sat 08-Oct-11 14:43:14

I'd say the new one would be fine for just reading but a 3G version of the new one (if you are the sort to buy books on-the-go) would be a PITA

Reiden Tue 11-Oct-11 16:55:43

Thanks pink

WetAugust Sun 16-Oct-11 21:45:38

I bought a 'new style' Kindle yesterday in Currys (one of the few places that had stock).

The virtual keuboard is actually easy to use and is just like texting (which I'm not very good at).

I've downloaded the usual 'free' classics.

I wanted a case for it and while I was in currys I noticed they were selling the Samsung E60 reader leather case for just .97p.

I whipped out newly bought Kindle to see if it wuld fit. the Samsung case has plastic inserts to hold the reader in place and the Kindle is slightly smaller all round but I bought the case and velco'd two strips to the back of the Kindle case to keep it firmly in place in the Samsung case. The case also had plastic inserts where the Next Page button is on the Kindle so this morning I got a junior hacksaw and cut them down.

I now have a very stylish case (that will take a light when I get one) that fully protects the Kindle.

Not bad for £89 Kindle + .97 for the case minus the £10 off voucher that Currys are giving you when you buy certain items (useable in Nov/Dec).

Very happy smile

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