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Why do Kindle convert random books in a series?

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Earthymama Wed 28-Sep-11 02:34:35

To explain, I am reading the Merry Watkins books by Phil Rickman on my Kindle. There are, I think, eleven books in the series. Each one of nos 1,2and 3 have presented a mystery/issue which Merrily, a woman priest and Deliverance minister ie Exorcist looks into.
I enjoy these books both for the resolution of the issue but even more so for the character development and insight into the relationships that Merrily forms as she moves along this extraordinary path her life has taken.
So Kindle in their wisdom can offer books 1-4 but then miss out the next 3or4 and the the series resumes again.
I have found this with other series too, I am reading a book by Rebecca Jenkins, Death of. A Radical, only to realise that the main characters have been involved in a previous case, the Duke's Agent, which is NOT available for Kindle.
Why does this happen and how to I contact Kindle to raise the matter with them?
This is very stressful for an anal insomniac!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 28-Sep-11 09:21:14

Can understand why you are bothered by it. If you go to the missing books on Amazon there is a bit you can click on, think its near the top on the right of the page, and that asks them to sell a kindle version of the book. I think that if enough people request the kindle format they contact the publishers.

This would be particularly annoying for me too as I wouldn't be able to read the print versions comfortably and only read on my kindle, so getting the missing books from the library would be out for me.

Earthymama Wed 28-Sep-11 18:02:48

Thanks for your reply. I have been on to the website and clicked I would like to read this on my Kindle'. '
I think it is the thinking of the folks who make the decisions that interests me. Maybe they have read the books and think to themselves, 'well, the series is ok but these particular books aren't up to scratch, I'll miss those out!'
I would like to decide for myself, thanks. or maybe they derive fiendish amusement from the thought of those frustrated readers who can't bring themselves to read out of order.
(note to self: get a life grin)

MaeMobley Fri 30-Sep-11 19:04:36

Hi OP, I have found the same thing with the Hamish Macbeth series. They have books 1 to 20 on Kindle and then they skip book 21 but have book 22. WHY?????

It irks me. I have emailed Amazon, the publisher and the author.

I certainly can't bring myself to read out of order and don't really want to buy a paperback.

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