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Lighted case

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mosaica Sun 18-Sep-11 11:14:11

My husband is giving me a Kindle for my birthday. I love the idea of the lighted case so i can read in bed, but it really is very expensive. Are there any good cheaper alternatives? Thanks.

belgo Sun 18-Sep-11 11:22:26

I have the InCase and I don't recommend it. It is heavy and the light seems flimsy. I will wait until the real Kindle cases are reduced and then buy one of them.

RoundOrangeHead Sun 18-Sep-11 20:40:47

I have had TWO lighted cases, had to send both back as the bottom hinge becomes loose after a while

I want one of these but not available here grr

pranma Sat 08-Oct-11 18:21:16

look on ebay!!

Babieseverywhere Sat 08-Oct-11 18:25:09

I have the official lighted case and I love it. It means I always have the light to hand if I need it, no trying to track it down which I had to do with real book separate night light.

I think the cover gives the kindle a proper book like weight and book appeal, having a cover. I love it. I had thought they were a waste of money but when I was gifted one from DH, I would not go back to a simple case.

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