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MonicaDickens Fri 08-Apr-11 07:46:22

Got all excited when I saw there's a Scrabble you can play on the Kindle.
Have to use the US site as am not in the UK but have found the free books there are pretty much the same & e.g. the Father Brown Collection was only a couple of dollars.

But I can't buy the Scrabble. Rights issue?
Sorry, just wanted to moan. Wouldn't mind paying heaps for it, tbh. Travel a lot & it would be great.

MaryBS Fri 08-Apr-11 07:55:53

Perhaps its to do with spellings? eg color/colour? Its the same on FB, so I can't play scrabble with someone in Canada for instance.

I didn't know about buying scrabble though, thanks for the tip!

MonicaDickens Fri 08-Apr-11 08:02:04

Wish it were just spelling! It is a rights' matter I think.

Had a short-lived hope that I could buy it in the summer when I am in England but of course that won't work. I'm logged in under this address & my Kindle is registered here. So can't cheat.

Don't even want to cheat - but waiting till it's available here - well:

<childwithnosepressedagainsttoyshopwindow> emoticon

MaryBS Fri 08-Apr-11 11:20:52

Can you lend stuff like you can with some books? Get someone in the UK to buy it then lend it to you permanently?

MonicaDickens Fri 08-Apr-11 14:58:53

Thanks, MaryBS. Just need someone in the UK who has one grin

How does lending work? Am only just starting my KindleLife & have so far got free books (published between 500BC & 1893AD) and... the Father Brown collection for under 2 dollars.

glitzy Thu 14-Apr-11 15:38:45

You can play scrabble with anyone if you have an android phone...if that helps?

Bit0fFunnyBunny Thu 14-Apr-11 15:40:56

Have you tried Words With Friends? Same thing, slightly different tile scores. Widely available.

MonicaDickens Fri 22-Apr-11 18:43:47

Sorry - only just seen the last 2 posts. Thanks.

No android phone but will check out Words With Friends. Saw today that Kindle is now available in this corner of Europe (Freedonia) and although there are only 17 English books available - it's a start grin

ChippyMinton Sun 24-Apr-11 11:34:13

Can someone link to the scrabble please? Is it downloadable like a book?

MonicaDickens Sun 24-Apr-11 12:30:08

I can't find it any more - odd.

I used to get a "Not available in your country" message but now - nothing. I can't even find the game I was looking at.

Think they were scared I'd post a longer word with triple score in answer?

Thing is, I'd willingly, happily, delusionally pay for a Scrabble game on Kindle.


ChippyMinton Sun 24-Apr-11 21:16:14

Thanks for looking. Will keep an eye out for it.

Julieann1971 Thu 25-Aug-11 03:06:24

As for the Scrabble on Facebook, you can use Lexulous very similar to scrabble if thats of any help lol

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